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Bathroom collection

Linen bathroom towels 

Your bathroom is the one area in your home where you shouldn’t compromise. There, it’s all about you, right? Whether you decide to pamper yourself with various products, soak in a bubble bath or tone yourself up in a cold shower, a bathroom is one of the best places to think, relax and enjoy yourself.

This is why you should only get things which bring nothing else but comfort, cosiness and makes you feel relaxed. We believe that a linen towel is a crucial ingredient to compliment a comfortable being in a bathroom. Over time, linen will only get softer and smoother, which will allow you to feel refreshed and more relaxed each time after hopping out of the shower. Linen bathroom towels will always keep their waffled structure and thus, will be a bit rougher, with a more profound texture.  They will never be one of those puff cotton hotel-like towels. It’s something you either love or hate.

Made for you

We are a brand which cares about our customers, first and foremost. We want you to have the best that we can make in your home. This is why all of our linen towels are natural and very high-quality and environmentally friendly. Obviously some are dyed or bleach to achieve a wider colour range.

Our bathroom collection towels come in 4 standard sizes. The first one is the linen bathroom towel for the body (140 x 100cm). It’s large and is the master towel that you can clean yourself with or wrap into and feel the warm and supple touch of linen.

The other types are: for hair (50 x 100cm) which you can wrap your hair in, for the face & for the hands ( 45 x 70cm). It is of great size to be hanging for the needs of the whole family. Finally, we have the linen towels for guests (30 x 30cm), so those who are visiting can feel like they’re back home. They can be as well used as wipes for the kitchen. All of our bathroom towels are made of 100% linen and have a little loop for comfortable hanging. In order to keep the waffled texture we don’t recommend tumble drying them. 

Not just for show

While beautiful at first glance, linen bath towels are also remarkable from a practicality standpoint. You can wipe water off of surfaces and use it for regular applications too. Despite having, what at first seems like a very elegant appeal, linen is actually very functional, which makes it supremely competent as a material for towels!