A delicate touch

Babies and newborns  have the most delicate skin and are very sensitive. They can get rashes or allergies, some of them experience hypersensitivity. This is why you have to really pay attention to what products you use and what materials you select for their care. Linen is one of the best choices for baby care.

Even though it might seem a little rough at first, it’s actually very natural, and even a small baby can feel comfortable while being dried or pampered with a linen towel. dodesign baby linen towels can be used year round - they are suitable for every season. 

Linen only gets softer and smoother with every wash so a baby can grow and develop while enjoying the towel’s touch more than they did the last time. Qualities that put it over the top

Every baby needs something pure, safe and friendly. Linen is hypoallergenic and also has absolutely no irritating effect on the skin. What is more, linen “breathes”, so it provides sufficient airflow to the skin and even treats existing skin problems. 

Our linen towels for babies are made only per request. You should look at the waffle-weave towel category or at the thin linen towel products to find the right colour which you fancy the most. It takes up to 6 weeks for your custom made towel to arrive at your doorstep.

Besides, if you’re having a hard time picking out a colour, order a sample or a few of them. Seeing the true colours of the fabric can help you make the decision. Otherwise, you can check out high-quality pics on our website to get real-life inspiration.

Linen towels for babies — it’s an excellent gift

Linen is considered luxurious. It isn’t something we buy everyday, so such towels make for an excellent baby shower, baby birthday or any other baby-related occasion gifts. Why is linen a luxury? Well primarily because producing  linen is a very complex process. The flax plants have to be carefully removed from the soil to not lose any length of the fibre. They are then left laying in the field to soften up. This makes flax easier to process due to simpler separation. After a short while, the plants are gathered, and stored for up to three whole months for added softening. Spinning and farther processing comes next. Such detailed and time-demanding processing is why linen is considered luxurious and premium. 

And you don’t even need to look at Pinterest for gift wrapping ideas. We, dodesign will give you complimentary gift packaging, you just need to let us know that this purchase is for a gift!