A dash of modern classic for every interior

Curtains are the one element that can transform the vibe of a room completely. Not only in terms of privacy - curtain is a strong vertical graphic element in the space, so they make it look bigger, more refined. What is more, curtains, together with other soft furnishings absorb echo and improve the acoustics in any room. Add genuine and sustainable glamour as well as elegance to your home with linen curtains. This is a décor option which can accentuate natural light and complement various other interior elements. dodesign linen curtains add texture to any space without darkening it completely, because they are one layer only.  

If we were to look at modern-day interior decoration trends, natural materials just like linen are at the forefront of trending lists. This durable yet natural fibre is an excellent material for producing various decorative items such as curtains. They are hypoallergenic, which is a common concern with regular textile curtains, and they won’t soak up any bad smells, which is a very reassuring feature. Linen curtains allow air to circulate, so you and your guests can enjoy fresher air while still keeping your privacy.

Custom-made linen curtains

All dodesign’s linen curtains are custom-made. Standard sizes are 145 x 250cm and 145 x 300cm, but per your request, we can always produce curtains with unique measurements, even for your extra high ceiling. Production takes around 6 to 8 weeks.

You also have an abundance of colour options to choose from. Choose a darker colour if the room walls are contrastingly lighter or go with a brighter tone for curtain linens if you want to add more light to the room without losing valuable protection from the sunlight when it bothers you. White linen curtains are an absolute classic and are perfect for the summer house or a very minimalist interior.

Where to place linen curtains?

Now we have to answer the question of – where linen curtains would fit best?

Linen curtains fit any room, especially the ones, that you don’t want to black out completely. We would suggest choosing the same tone for your whole place in order to keep the consistency, but experiment as much as you want.