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Tea towels

Linen tea towels 

It’s not just a piece of cloth. It’s an indispensable part of every kitchen and/or the dining room. It is something that you can and likely will use everyday. 

First of all, why is it called a tea towel and not something else? The story of tea towels begins in Britain, right in the 18th century. Here, tea drinking culture is thriving and defining the British way (especially upper class) of life. The very first towels used for cleaning and drying delicate tea chinaware were made from linen and nothing else.

Nowadays we have quite a few more purposes for linen tea towels that we can think of. A linen tea towel can be used to wrap a hot pot for insulation. On the other hand, homeowners frequently pick it for neat wrapping of pastry and baked goods. It’s convenient to have at least 2 in your home, preferably ones with different colours or patterns - each to serve a different purpose (e.g. one for wiping hands and one in a contrasting colour for wrapping buns or bread). Linen towels are valued for many different reasons. The first thing worth mentioning for tea towels is the ability to absorb moisture. The second one is versatility. For example - bakers use linen sheets in the bread making process and due to its high-density fibrous structure, it’s also great for cleaning and preserving delicate goods like thin glasses or fragile dishes. In the US, the tea towel is called a ‘dish towel’. A linen dish or tea towel will bring its supreme antibacterial qualities into your home. Without attracting bacteria, the linen fabric will remain fresh and hypoallergenic. Compared to other tea towel fabrics, linen reigns supreme in terms of durability, longevity and aesthetic value as linen feels very natural, close to our home and hearts, even.

If you have tea towels, you can maintain a neat kitchen, dining room or delicate high-class kitchenware, chinaware and related items. On the other hand, these linen products are also super-practical. You can use them as coasters, wrapping material for baked goodies or to mop up any moisture or brush off crumbs. It’s a practical gift too. 

Longevity for generations

Designed in Copenhagen, the artsy heart of the Nordic region, our linen products can combine aesthetic beauty with supreme quality and durability. You probably have had some interactions with linen textiles  in the past. Whether in your old home or at your grandparents’- linen textiles are frequently passed on from generation to generation. It is known for being one of the strongest natural fibers in the world.  That’s the fact with all linen garments, not just linen tea towels.

But once we turn over and look at the tea towel products directly, those very same qualities that all linen fabric goods are praised for, shine through in even brighter colours. 

Shapes, sizes and colours of linen tea towels 

Our linen tea towels come in one standard  size of 45 x 70 cm. They are made for convenience and have a loop for hanging them comfortably.Customisation might not be necessary in terms of colouring as we have various different shades and tones for you to choose from. Regardless of your taste and preference, we have around 20 distinct colours of linen. Choose Natural, Ice Grey, Sage, Caramel if you prefer a neutral colour palette, Charcoal, Forest green  or Black striped for a bolder more masculine look, Lilac, Peachy Cinnamon or Lake Blue to bring a more trendy and vibrant mood. Some of them are solid, others are mixed with stripes. Not all the colours are available online all the time - some of them are seasonal or limited edition, so grab them when you still can! 

All of dodesign tea towels and other linen goods are mix & match ready. This means that you can combine cool colours with warmer tones, bright with darker hues and so on.

dodesign helps turn any house into a real home with linen products!

Cool ways to use linen tea towels in your home

They aren’t just for show. Linen tea towels are so versatile, they can highlight and accentuate certain parts of your home and serve more purposes, than just drying the dishes. Here are a few ways to personalise your home environment and make it cosier.

-Use it instead of a napkin. Don’t have a lot of napkins? Set up a table using tea towels instead. You can even fold/set them in more ways than regular napkins, because of their size. Be creative and enjoy the results! 

-Use them in bunches as placemats. Just like placemats or table runners, tea towels can protect wooden surfaces from spills or heat while also being an aesthetically pleasing solution for decorating the table.

-Keep your tea hot. Get inspired by the 18th century British elite and wrap up your tea pot to insulate it, so the tea stays hot for longer. 

-Bake some bread. Linen tea towels are perfect for proofing the bread during the baking process. It absorbs excess moisture, minimizes the stickiness without drying out the dough

-Bundle up things. Especially if you’re looking to give someone a unique gift, wrap it in our tea towels. Linen is durable, and the broad colour palette can help anyone find something just right for their taste.