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Linen napkins

It’s easy to distinguish a table set up for an occasion. Such a table looks more like it belongs in a premium restaurant rather than in a home, right? Probably the element which we notice first are the napkins. Such a small detail, but yet it makes a huge difference to the overall aesthetic. Adding a napkin on your table is just like adding a diamond to a ring – it just works. This is why linen napkins are worth your while. They are a durable, high-quality, elegant addition to your home. Napkins are that extra special piece, which can turn regular everyday dining experiences into something extraordinary . Use napkins only or combine it with a tablecloth for an even more chic look. 

A wide variety of colours 

If you look at our catalogue, you can find an abundance of various colours for linen napkins. We have some all time classics - very elegant understated yet refined colours like Caramel or Ice Grey, for example. On the other hand, if you want something brighter, something more exuberant, dodesign has you covered! Colours like Peachy Cinnamon, Pinky Coral or even Lake Blue can bring something fresh and funky to your home and make your table stand out. Regardless of whether you’re setting up a burger and French fries for yourself or a bouillabaisse with fillet mignon – linen napkins are a nice supplementary touch which boosts your dining experience. Why not to enjoy it everyday? 

Responsible consumption

We all live in a world where we have to act now in order to stop climate change and leave a planet that’s nice to live in for future generations. This is where our range of sustainable products comes into play.

Thanks to immense durability, linen fabrics, including dodesign very own linen napkins are a great way to avoid pointless consumerism and buy something that will last long. You might even leave it for future generations . Linen also has a super-natural-like quality to get softer and smoother with every wash. It is all because fibres within the linen textiles  are very long and strong. Thus, they don’t get broken so quickly and easily, even when machine washing them. Finally, you don’t have to save them for a special occasion. Napkins can accommodate every dining and lunch experience in your home!

Mix & Match

You probably won’t settle for two napkins. Because they’re a table setting accessory, napkins usually go in bunches. Thus, they have to match. dodesign products are meant for Mixing & Matching. Every colour and every linen product complement one another, highlights or accentuates a particular décor element, colour or nuance. Don’t be afraid to mix it up with bolder tones like pink and casual, elegant stripes. It will all seem like a match made in heaven!

Napkins go well with other linen products

As with every accessory, it has to accompany a central piece, right? Well, luckily, we offer a whole lot of variously-sized and shaped linen table textiles. They include tablecloths and table runners. Our sheer linen napkins are designed to match with those central table pieces. If you adore linen products, collect the full set with time, as we do offer matching aprons and tea towels.   

Linen napkins are the perfect gift

We can’t stress this enough. A set of napkins is a really excellent gift for almost anyone! Regardless of their age, profession or home-style – linen napkins will supplement the cosy atmosphere of the home and bring out the elegance in it.

Napkins are sold in sets of 2, so you can get as many or as few as you need