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Linen hair towel

Multiple great qualities

Our waffle-weaved bathroom collection linen towels for hair in medium size can be a delight to your hair. They are quite lengthy- 105cm to be exact, so perfect for wrapping up even long hair.  Thanks to a breathable, all-natural fibre, your head and hair will feel nice when wrapped and tucked inside after a shower or regular wash. Linen is a 100% natural fiber which absorbs water quickly and efficiently, so your hair dries quicker. What is more, linen improves micro blood circulation, is anti-static, so it won’t cause frizz. Linen hair towels are especially loved by curly hair owners. Nevertheless it protects all kind of hair. 

Linen is very versatile, and besides looking luxurious and elegant, our towels are also very easy to care for. For your convenience, towels also come with a convenient loop for simple hanging.

Linen is a sustainable fibre because it’s durable and long-lasting. Our products are made in the EU, meaning they live up to the highest quality standards and only minimal transportation was needed. Being designed in Copenhagen, we bring out the best linen has to offer by combining modern technology advancements with age-old linen traditions.