Beach towels

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The beach. What does it mean to you? We can nit-pick on the details, but for most of us, a beach is somewhere we go to relax and enjoy ourselves in. This is why you want to bring only those things which bring comfort and don’t require any compromise to the beach. Allow us to introduce high-quality, sheer linen beach towels! Even though they are called Beach towels, they aren’t just something seasonal. 

Functional, not just beautiful

You might think that natural and sustainable goods are all-show and not really very practical for everyday use. We can undoubtedly say that linen towels are the opposite of non practical. These towels are made from sheer linen, with hand made fringes meaning they are very high-quality and have tons of functional properties as well. All our linen goods are produced ethically in the EU. 

Why is linen the best material for beach towels? 

  • Linen behaves very well, in terms of being folded. You can easily fold the standard-sized beach towel to fit into even a handbag. They are also really lightweight, which is a real advantage while traveling or when you need to pack for the whole family;
  • Linen is breathable and dries really quickly. By the time, you are heading home, the towels will be ready to go. You won’t have to carry around a wet, heavy, dripping or worse, sandy towel. 
  • Linen absorbs the moisture really well, even though it might seem a bit rough at first glance. So it really serves a purpose of being a towel, not only as a sheet or mat. 
  • A towel is something that you use and wash often, sometimes even at higher temperatures. Linen is the material for that. The fibers of linen are very long and strong, so they aren’t broken in the washing cycle so easily. Linen even gets softer and reveals its charm with years of using. 
  • Linen has natural antibacterial qualities, which stop perspiration from being trapped inside the fabric so it doesn’t allow microbes or any kind of mold to grow in it. This means no bad smell after a few days of using the same towel, travelling with it or bringing it to the gym. 

You can relax and enjoy the waves crashing on the beach or the sun, slowly setting in the horizon. Linen will last for decades, and you don’t need high-care for it either, just throw it into the machine, and no extra bother is necessary!

We have linen beach towels for everyone

When we say ‘Everyone’, we do mean Everyone. You can choose from a variety of unique and very distinctive colours. The latter include nostalgic and always trendy Red Striped as well as the dreamy Blue

However, if you wish to fly a bit under the radar, other solid colours and patterns can certainly help achieve that. Blue Striped, Natural or Grey Striped designs are just as comfortable and unforgettable. Yet, the latter colour schemes are more understated, making them a better choice for those who want something more subtle and refined.

A sustainable choice for a responsible consumer

In the 21st century, consumers are smarter than ever before. More so, they are more responsible and care about sustainability as well as comfort. In these regards, linen beach towels and all linen products are arguably the best things you can buy. 

Not only is it one of the most durable natural fibres money can buy, but our linen is also biodegradable and environment-friendly. When you use linen products, which last for decades you buy less, so plenty of energy, transportation, packaging, waste are saved. What is more, growing linen, or flax plants to be exact, requires much less water, rich soils and pesticides, than cotton for example - which is a huge problem in textile manufacturing nowadays.  Designed in Copenhagen and manufactured in the EU, our linen beach towels, alongside all other products, match the criteria for the highest quality and are also  sustainable.

Other possible applications

Although it’s called a ‘Beach towel’ you can bring it to way more places than just by the ocean or sea. It is not seasonal either. First of all, it can be a great option for traveling, even while staying at a hotel. Take a beach towel with you on diving day trips, snorkeling, island hopping. It will save plenty of space, weight and ease your trip.  Secondly, you can take it to the gym all year round. Linen towel takes little space, dries quickly and doesn’t get undesirable smells. What is more, a beach towel is a great mat to sit on during a picnic, or you can even lay it on a large outdoor table, use it as a plaid for cooler evenings or even as a lightweight scarf. So you see, it’s more than just a beach towel. It’s the full practicality and beauty package.

Nordic linen charm

As a fibre, and as a décor element, linen has been around for almost forever. Especially in the Nordic, Northern European Region, linen can be considered somewhat of a cultural staple. This part of the world has the cultural heritage, and this is the place where some linen tablecloths or other objects are passed on through generations. It is a sign of respect, admiration and appreciation of quality. dodesign understands that and delivers top of the range products made from natural linen. Beach towels included.