Table runners

A linen table runner is a narrow piece of linen cloth that covers the table’s length or width. It is a very distinct and unique piece of décor which is used to set festive and celebratory moods in the home. By using a table runner, you can cover the entire length of the table and set it up in a cheerful, more exciting manner in the centre. Or, according to your needs, place it across to make it play a very practical role in your dining room. This will  both decorate and protect your table and/or tablecloths from damp, heat and stains. If you’re looking for something tad more exciting than ordinary tablecloths, this is what you buy!

Not a placemat, neither a napkin

A table runner is that perfect in-between option for people who appreciate elegance yet want something more creative and carefree at the same time. Lay it over a bare table for a casual look or over a tablecloth for that extra charm. Again, experiment with colours and choose either the same or absolutely opposite shade for unique looks. It’s not a placemat, neither a napkin. It is somewhere in between.

By protecting any wooden surfaces from staining and moisture, it’s a practical addition too. And as we all know; practicality is the most essential feature for interior décor elements. With that being said, table runners have an exceptionally fantastic aesthetic appeal as they seamlessly blend in with a table of any size. No matter how you set it up, using a table runner is a smart way of brightening up your home. It will be noticed but won’t overshadow anything else!

Choose what you love

Just because table runners are such a personal thing, we offer a lot of variety in terms of colours and sizes. They aren’t mass-produced. They are only available as order only. Choose from the same wide range of colours as any other dodesign linen product. Anything from neutral and timeless Natural, Ice Grey, Charcoal, to an absolute opposite - Smokey Bordeaux, Pinky Coral or Unicorn. 

Per your request, we will manufacture your very own, individual sheer linen table runner in the dimensions you choose. 

From production to delivery at your doorstep it takes around 5 to 8 weeks. It will be made exclusively, just for you. In this way, you can get products in the sizes and colours which you definitely want while avoiding over production and waste at the same time. Our linen is worth the wait!

Choosing linen is a responsible way to consume

In the world of today, we have to do everything in our power to preserve and sustain the environment. With mass consumption having taken over most of the developed world, we must find products that last long. Linen goods do. They are very durable and are resistant to tears, scuffs and a lot of other use-related challenges. You can find tons of homes where some linen sheets have been in, for generations. 

This is how you break the endless consumerism cycle and chip into building a sustainable economy. Choose and consume wisely – pick linen from dodesign and use it for years! 

How to care & Other info

Something this natural and exclusive should be hard to care for, right? Wrong! Linen is extremely easy to wash because you can put it in a washing machine and even tumble dry low, if needed. Air drying it will protect the fabric even more and it will last even longer, and it will wash it off. Although we recommend washing linen at 40 degrees, feel free to wash it at 60 occasionally. One more thing – linen gets smoother and softer with every wash so you can expect it to become even lovelier with time!

If you happen to have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask us.