Sleeping on linen

If you were to visit Northern Europe in the past, you would see linen sheets in almost every home. This may sound confusing today, but back then, this was the most available and most comfortable material one could get. Yet at the same time, it should not sound strange as bed linen feels amazing, it’s timeless. Sleeping in linen improves the quality of your sleep in many ways. Sleeping is an inevitable part of our lives, so it is worth investing in for sure.Thanks to modern production technologies and a few neat design solutions, dodesign produces this  familiar linen bedding with a modern twist.

You can consider it a touch of nostalgia or a classic, time-tested choice. No matter how you look at it, bed linen products are worth your while. They have amazing physical and aesthetic characteristics which separate this particular fibre from any others. Trust us, once you start sleeping on and in linen, you’ll hardly look anywhere else! 

dodesign – custom made bed linen

Bed linen is only custom-made, meaning that every customer can buy a unique product made from a natural, very high-quality linen fabric. Per your request, we can make sheer linen bed sheets of any colour and size. You have total creative freedom here, and we encourage that you take advantage of it to the fullest. Complete your bedroom and give it a more elegant vibe thanks to a set of natural bed linen sheets. 

The most popular sizes in Denmark are 140x200cm or 200x200cm, but check your duvet size before ordering, because there are plenty of other combinations (140x220, 180x200, 200x220, 220x240cm). It’s not all that simple. Same follows with pillow sizes as well. Our clients are free to choose any colour. They can find the whole palette in the section ‘Colour Samples’ and order a unique Caramel coloured bed linen that has a very distinctive and soothing vibe. Of course, you can go in the opposite direction and pick more under-the-radar dye types like Natural or Ice Grey. You can order a few samples as well and compare their real-life colours to your interior. This might be the simplest way for finding sustainable, long-lasting and very comfortable bed linen in just the right colour!


Why is it so good to sleep in linen ? 

  • It’s highly absorbent and breathable, so it absorbs damp (perspiration) from your skin and forces it to evaporate immediately. It allows the airflow, which is essential in order for your skin to breathe. 
  • Linen has natural thermo-regulating qualities and can be used all year round. It helps you cool down on a warm summer night and keeps the warmth on a chilly winter morning. 
  • Linen gets softer with every wash, it reveals even more of its charm during the years. It’s a unique property in the world of textiles 
  • This material is hypoallergenic, so it creates a healthy microclimate for your skin and is suitable for people with sensitive skin, eczema or allergies
  • Environmentally friendly choice. Linen is a renewable source, it leaves almost no footprint. Growing linen is not demanding, linen is only processed minimally and it’s biodegradable at the end. 
  • Linen is one of the strongest natural fibers in the world, so it lasts, not only lasts, but stays in great condition through the years. It is not affected by washing cycles so easily as cotton or any other fabric. So it really is an investment. 
  • Natural antibacterial qualities which many other common bedding materials simply do not have. Linen is resistant to bacteria, fungus, dust mites, and is naturally insect repellent. This is important because it prevents the bedsheets from getting a bad smell for a very long time.  What is more, it accelerates healing of the wounds. 
  • It’s anti- static, which means that it doesn’t electrify and that  is great for your hair and skin. 
  • Because of its natural structure, linen “massages” you gently. It not only feels nice to your skin, but improves microcirculation of blood. Using linen constantly you can significantly improve your skin texture


A unique sensation

Linen is natural. Made from the flax plant, this fibre is very unique and very distinguishable. Bed linens will feel nice on your skin which takes your sleeping experience to a whole new level. Nothing else can compare to high-quality natural sheer bed linen products. 

Don’t forget that you can set an entire theme to your interior by ordering different linen products. As a durable material, linen should last for generations and retain its best qualities for a long time!

Why is linen a sustainable choice?

Linen is sustainable and a choice for the conscious consumer.

Growing it, when compared with other common fibres like cotton, requires a lot more resources and creates much less pollution. Linen won’t degrade quickly and should preserve the unique physical and aesthetic characteristics for the foreseeable future. It’s actually one of the most robust natural fibres in the world with individual fibres being up to 1.5m in length. Washing won’t damage it, you won’t damage it and caring for it is super easy (it is machine wash-ready).

All of our linen goods are designed in Copenhagen and made ethically in the EU. All bed linens are made custom, and take 5-8 weeks to be made!